Enabling R&D To Reach New Heights: Lancaster Legal Helps Local Aviation Business

Many of our Melbourne based clients are in Lancaster Legal’s backyard.
As this is written, Research & Development (R&D) activity is under-way in all forms of business right across Australia and across nearly every industry possible.
At Lancaster Legal, we get to witness amazing work being conducted by businesses of all sizes all across Australia.
When this leads us to the tale of JetCity Engineering.
JetCity Engineering – A Small Team Taking Learjet’s To New Heights
Based at Essendon Fields, Jet City Engineering is an innovative, motivated and highly-experienced business in the highly-regulated Aviation industry.
JetCity Engineering’s position in the market is unique as the engineering team is responsible for giving ageing private jets a new lease on life through bespoke aviation solutions. They’re responsible for the design, modifications, maintenance and also the installation of new parts for the Private Jet customers all across the globe.
JetCity Engineering is also one of the leading distributors and innovation partners of Honeywell Aerospace products and services. Their wide range of technical products enable private jet aircraft to be safer to fly, more efficient and even more comfortable for passengers.
Due to their technical expertise, JetCity works closely with Aerospace giants such as Honeywell in identifying and developing bespoke solutions for complex challenges in the small jet passenger market.
And in doing so, JetCity conducts extensive R&D to ensure that the solutions stack up in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) stringent standards and regulations.
However, R&D is extremely cost-prohibitive and is also extremely hard to coordinate here in Australia. Between the technical testing on the ground and air and huge upfront cost, it’s a huge task for a small Business like JetCity to even see the tiniest return on investment and ultimately make a business case for the activities.
When Lorne Cole, Managing Director, had the idea to prolong the life of the aircraft by retrofitting the Learjet 45 aircraft with Honeywell flight display units – large capital investment was required and Lorne went looking for options and assistance with the R&D Tax Incentive Program.
Luckily, Lorne found us.
How Lancaster Legal Helped JetCity Engineering
At Lancaster Legal, we soften the financial blow of research and development activities for businesses by the processing and administration of Research & Development Tax Incentive applications.
Unlike the R&D grant cowboys in our industry, Lorne sought out Lancaster Legal for the personal and qualified legal team that services complex businesses just like his.
By understanding his business and his current R&D efforts, our R&D Lawyers were able to discern that JetCity’s innovative work was fully eligible for AusIndustry and ATO-administered program.
This meant that JetCity could complete their R&D efforts, provide innovative solutions to the aerospace industry and promptly recoup a decent portion of initial investment and funnel it into future development.
This enabled the team to hone in optimising their solution, and test their LearJet 40/45 flight display solution internationally in collaboration with Honeywell. In fact, this newly developed product and service has now led to JetCity attracting business opportunities and winning new business with high-profile aviation businesses globally
Using our services, JetCity was able to receive an R&D Tax Incentive refund and with the implementation of these products has now successfully fitted these components in many aircraft.
It’s More Than Just A Tax Incentive
So what’s the point?
The point here is that because of this R&D activity, JetCity is now able to take on the United States market with a solution that brings the modern aircraft technology and safety features to aircraft that are almost 25 years older than their newer counterparts.
At Lancaster Legal, we work with businesses who wish to achieve extraordinary things through their own innovative, and inspiring R&D efforts.
See, what you’ve just read through is a “Good News “story for a small specialist business that’s dreaming big dreams in the aerospace industry. It has developed products that are literally keeping great (yet ageing) aircraft in the air and are reducing the risk of pilot error.
The Research & Development Tax Incentive refund has helped them ease the burden of the huge upfront costs that were incurred during the R&D Development phase of this specialist project.
Do You Need Help With Your R&D Tax Incentive Application?
Are you looking to develop a new line next year? Or are you looking to even improve upon your existing products and services? Why not give Lancaster Legal a call to see whether you are eligible for the research and development incentive that the Australian government is offering for businesses just like yours!
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